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Hope and Solutions

A collaboration between Lone Wolf Media and the non-profit Lives in the Balance, The Kids We Lose is a 90-minute documentary film about the human side of being a child or student with behavioral challenges, and the struggles faced by parents, educators, staff in facilities, mental health clinicians, and judicial and law enforcement professionals in trying to ensure that these kids receive the help they need. The Kids We Lose also exposes the often brutal, inhumane ways in which kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are treated in schools, inpatient psychiatry units, residential facilities, and prisons. Their hopelessness, misery, and frustration are palpable. The human toll is hard to fathom. But these are also the most expensive kids in our society. Doing the wrong thing costs a fortune. When we don’t help our most vulnerable kids, we all lose. 

The Kids We Lose is intended to heighten awareness and galvanize people to advocate for change. If you’re interested in getting involved, become a Lives in the Balance Advocator. There’s a lot to be done, and Lives in the Balance Advocators are leading the way.

The Kids We Lose won the Best Documentary Award at the 2019 Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival in Washington, DC, and the Best Feature Documentary Award at the 2018 New Hampshire Film Festival, the 2019 Women’s Film Festival in Philadelphia, and the 2019 Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival. It has also screened on Maine Public Television, and will be re-screening on Thursday, September 5th at 10 pm ET and on Saturday, September 7th at 11 am ET.  The film will also be premiering on Vermont Public Television on Thursday, September 5th, at 7 pm. Dates for airings on New Hampshire Public Television will be announced soon.

The film is also available for local community screenings. Please contact us at